Winter Advice From An Electronics Website: Keep Warm Without Spending Hundreds!

Winter Advice From An Electronics Website: Keep Warm Without Spending Hundreds!

The end of November saw the coldest November yet, with 2ft of snow unleashed upon the northern parts of Britain. Although the snow has dissipated for now, Britain is expected to have another cold winter, as the UK is expected to reach temperatures well below 0. Not all of us, especially with the recession can heat our houses all the time, so here’s a few tips on how to keep warm this winter without spending too much on fuel.

(1)Heating The House For Cheap

It is a good idea to heat the house occasionally as this can prevent damp and mould problems, but as gas prices rise, it may be more cost effective to use electric heating. Put the gas heating on (timed) for an hour per day at least to warm up the house, and then use an electronic panel or convector heater for the room you are going to occupy in the evening. It’s also a great way to warm yourself before you get into bed. Electric heaters have measures in place so that you have just as much control over the temperature (temperature gages), as well as very useful features such as over heat and frost protection. They can also be permanently mounted in place or freestanding.

(2)Heating The Bed

Layering up yourself and the bed should keep you nice and warm, but on those chillier nights a night electric blanket may come in handy. There are several varieties of electric blankets that keep you warm, including:

*under blanket,

*over blanket and;

*fleece blanket.

Each of these types of night blanket heat up different areas of the bed, underneath or top, for up to 12 hours, making them suitable for overnight usage. You can also control the temperature with variable temperature controls, adjusting it to the right temperature for you. Most night blankets can also be washed and dry cleaned as well.

(3) Saving Energy

With energy companies announcing an increase of 10% in fuel bills, it looks like we may not be able to afford as much heating or electricity as we use to. Often this means, we have to keep an eye on costs, but to do so, you need energy saving meters to measure the amount of energy you use. You can get energy saving meters that measure the amount of electricity you are using currently and on average per day, as well as energy monitors that measure what devices take up the most energy in your home, enabling you to cut down on costs. It will help you figure out your bills at the end of each month and keep to your heating budget.

Keep warm in your home by always wearing a few layers and drinking hot drinks, as well as heating your home.

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