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An Epic Proportioned T.V From Phillips: The New Cinema 21:9 3D

Phillips have taken 2009’s 21:9 3D T.V and have drastically improved it. Besides improving screen and net multimedia capabilities, they have surpassed last year’s model by adding a cinema proportioned screen – making this model one of the first 3D T.V’s with cinema proportions to exist!

The Next Generation Gaming Console Revealed By Sony

With the in-home entertainment industry on the boom, the gaming industry is more competitive than ever. Last month, lead players Sony announced their next generation portable gaming console, the PSP 2, which boasts technologies such as Wi-Fi and 3G.

Consumer Electronics Show Reveals Top Electronics And Technologies For 2011

Last week saw the biggest technology show occur in the heart of the stunning U.S city Las Vegas, the Consumer Electronics show. The biggest names in the technology industry arrived with an array of innovative new technologies, which are to revolutionize 2011! So what was on offer from the top electronic companies and even a pop star?!

Winter Advice From An Electronics Website: Keep Warm Without Spending Hundreds!

The end of November saw the coldest November yet, with 2ft of snow unleashed upon the northern parts of Britain. Although the snow has dissipated for now, Britain is expected to have another cold winter, as the UK is expected to reach temperatures well below 0. Not all of us, especially with the recession can heat our houses all the time, so here’s a few tips on how to keep warm this winter without spending too much on fuel.

Top Tips On How To Choose A HDTV From An Electronics Website

Ready to join the T.V revolution? But uncertain where to start? HDTV or high definition television is the latest innovative T.V technology, which incorporates increased visual capabilities and power. There are many HD televisions on the market to choose from, here’s the low down on your options, so that you can make the right HD choice for you.