An Epic Proportioned T.V From Phillips: The New Cinema 21:9 3D

An Epic Proportioned T.V From Phillips: The New Cinema 21:9 3D

Phillips have taken 2009’s 21:9 3D T.V and have drastically improved it. Besides improving screen and net multimedia capabilities, they have surpassed last year’s model by adding a cinema proportioned screen – making this model one of the first 3D T.V’s with cinema proportions to exist!

With the Phillips Cinema 21:9 3D, your entertainment will be seen as never before in the home. Convert with this screen your films or games to epic cinema proportions with the cinema 21:9 format. Then get out your toffee popcorn and enjoy!

Not only does the sheer size of the cinema format make it a worthwhile purchase alone but the high quality cinematic performance produced by 3D and HD technologies in the Cinema 21:9 3D. With 3D technology, you can gain the multifaceted experience of 3D cinema in your own home. The 3D experience is wonderful as images can come to life right in front of you – almost feeling like you could touch them. High Definition helps to further the cinematic experience in your own home, allowing for richer colours, sharper images, darker and brighter tones and a brilliant level of contrast.

The Cinema model from Phillips builds upon the success of the 2009 21:9 model, but with many improvements, including:

-LED Pro: A LED screen that conserves energy by dimming and brightening the 1500 LEDS, creating improved levels of contrast, whilst saving nearly half the amount of energy.

-Ambilight: Phillips have improved upon this technology since 2009. It projects a spectra on 3 sides of the T.V on the wall, expanding the screen further as well as improving the cinematic experience. They have topped it off in this model by including a wall adaptive feature that enables you to use the Ambilight technology no matter what colour your wall is.

- Multi-view and Net TV: This allows you to browse online, accessing online services or information, whilst you pass the time till your program starts. This feature also enables you to download movies directly to your T.V, enabling you to watch the latest films without the hassle of renting.

The Cinema 21:9 3D has drastically improve the home entertainment experience, as you can watch films in just as high quality as the cinema, be part of the 3D experience and access online services. You get all the good parts of the cinematic experience in your own home without the bad parts, i.e. the adverts and parking! This is one piece of technology which will certainly revolutionise home entertainment.

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